Protect your health and your beauty with UVAURA
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Where style meets purpose, the UVAURA Sun Protection System provides elegant and luxurious UV protection. UVAURA is designed for women, who for health and/or aesthetic purposes, need advanced UV shelter. UVAURA was designed and patented by Stephanie Bartelt. As an athlete and lover of the great outdoors, she needed more sun protection than that which was presently on the market. UVAURA was developed to provide elegant, yet advanced protection from the sun, without which, a sunny day was more stress than joy. She knew if she needed an elegant yet comprehensive sun solution so must other women just like her.  

UVAURA answers the need for unparalleled full face and upper body UPF 50+ protection. Timelessly elegant for any outdoor adventure or occasion, UVAURA brings an aura of safety from the sun’s harmful rays in sophisticated style. 

In addition, post-op plastic surgery and laser treatment patients will find stylish comfort, privacy through the use of the scarf and wide brim, as well as ongoing sun-block protection to prevent further skin damage. Those challenged by skin cancer, or other medical conditions necessitating sun avoidance, will bask in the aura of relief from sun exposure delivered by UVAURA. 

Protect your health and your beauty with UVAURA.